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Most gardeners do all they can to invite wildlife into their gardens, but would you destroy the home of a family of rare wild birds or release harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, just to make your garden look good?

We’re guessing not, but by using compost containing peat, this is actually what thousands of us are doing without even realising it.

In the UK, more than 24 million wheelbarrows of peat are used every year by amateur gardeners. Despite peat being used so readily, most people don’t realise the destructive impact this has on the wider environment, including the homes of birds, insects and plants, not to mention the release of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

We believe this is a high price to pay, especially as we can still have beautiful gardens without it. By using alternatives to peat, you can enjoy a thriving garden and feel good about doing your bit to save what little is left of our precious peatlands before it’s too late – for our wildlife, for the environment and for our future.

So get behind Garden Organic’s fight for peat-free gardening and help us make a change
by saying ‘I Don’t Dig Peat’.

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